Full Length Plays

These plays will make you want to dance! All it takes is one reading of any of the synopses below.  We guarantee that you’ll be dancing like our cast members below.  Go ahead, click the video below for some motivation! 

Elise, Tia, Dianne, Rosalind, and Marissa, five women of color currently working in a large conference room due at the community center because of renovations. Shaken by the death of their friend, a young mother at the hands of her husband bring them together in a way they never expected. As they support the grieving family, each reflects on her current situation, slowly realizing that abuse never begins with a slap!
Though Victoria hasn’t been home in years, she dedicated her life to making her Aunt Rose, the matriarch of the family, proud of her. Aunt Rose holds a special place in her heart. The long tradition of Aunt Rose and Uncle Henry paying for the college education of their nieces and nephews started with her. Now, Uncle Henry has died, and Victoria has come home to help Aunt Rose prepare for his funeral. Coming home brings back memories she’s spent a lifetime trying to erase. When the shame of the past collides with the benefits of the present, can it change the future?
The community is mourning the sudden death of the revered Lloyd Butler, but after years of his emotional and physical abuse, his family can finally exhale. Though no longer challenged by his presence, the scars from his tyranny has left each family member scarred and struggling to find a sense of normalcy. In order to move forward, they must find a way of Dealing with Daddy’s Devils.
A white cop fires his gun. Another Black youth dies. A city is about to erupt. Two brothers, Andrew, assistant police chief and Hassan, an activist struggle to ward off the violence. Andrew believes the problem must be solved within the system. Hasan believes the system is the problem. The situation is straining the brothers’ fragile relationship. With neither giving in, reconciliation evades them, and the city starts to smell like smoke.
Things are going fine as highly regarded event planner, Sonya Majors, temporarily stepped in as the chairperson of the National Coalition of Churches Conference. That is until quiet but determined Miriam Adams returns to resume her position and then fireworks ignite. Neither woman is willing to relinquish the position and church members are quickly taking sides. Trying to smooth egos and restore order, Pastor Henderson is blindsided by the unexpected and unwanted return of a family member. It seems every man, woman and child has chosen a side, and nobody has chosen the Lord! (An inspirational play)
Life is golden for Simone Adams. She’s the poster child for success. A perfectionist, she expects that same perfection from everyone else. So, when her strong, independent mother has a mental breakdown, Simone suffers a faith crisis. Her mother’s return home causes more tension within her family. Since God turned his back on her, Simone turns her back on God. In a test of wills, is there any win for her?
It the past ever really in the past? Claire thought so…or maybe she hoped so. Her life has been soaring for the past ten years. She has come into her own with her wonderful husband, Pastor Quentin and her closest friends, members of the Front Porch Divas. She’s going to need to them because her world is about to turn upside down.
Three women. Three generations. Three hearts…all broken. Lucy holds hope for the reconciliation of her forty-year marriage, even with divorce papers in her hands. Determined Alexis’ life is in chaos and she can’t stop it. Macie, a young widow, puts her grief on hold as she fights for justice for herself and her children over the death of her husband at the hands of the police. These women must redefine family as they search to bring peace to their shattered lives.
Shocked when her husband of twenty years leaves her for a girl half her age and size, educator Donna Lewis has declared war on middle-age. However, there’s problem. Her new sassy, sexy lifestyle isn’t a match for the Christian values she has instilled in her teenage daughter. The question becomes, what can you do when you're too old to be young, but you’re too young to be old?
The #METOO Movement didn’t start with Alssya Milano calling out Harvey Weinstein. Women have had to ‘put up and shut up’ for generations, but for some of us, #METOO started long before we made it to Boardrooms. It happened in a lot of places-like garages, kitchens, bedrooms, basements and cars. So much in our communities we had to institute our own ‘Don’t Ask. Don’t Tell.’ policy. Issuing coded warnings like:
When Synthia, Nora, Rhys and Valerie meet for their monthly brunch at Ms. Mable’s Place to catch up, none of them knew what a life-changing event this Saturday would be. As best friends it seems they haven’t been totally honest with each other. This meal may cost them more than they are able to pay. God created the world in six days. These ladies may tear it apart in one afternoon!
From the outside, First Lady Kari Bradford is the envy of many women. The wife of Dr. Jameson Bradford, III, the charismatic third generation pastor of Power of Praise, one of fastest growing churches in the state and a budding political candidate. She seems to have it all. Except that Kari is living a lie. And revealing the truth will ruin her and tarnish the lives and reputation of the church and she loves so much. With her life and her sanity at stake, she struggles to find a way to save them both.

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