Dionne Peart, Author of Somerset Grove

Dionne Peart“Like many novelists, I wondered what my manuscript might look like as a dramatic theater production. Bringing the story from the minds of the characters to the stage seemed like a daunting task; I didn’t know where to begin. Jeanette quickly prepared a scene adaptation for one of my chapters that expertly captured the mood and the spirit of the characters and let me see my story’s potential as a play. Jeanette was a pleasure to work with and I will definitely seek out her expertise for future projects.”

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Darliss Batchelor, Author

DARLISS BATCHELOR copy“Mrs. Hill honored me with a book trailer script for my novel, “Secrets”.  I wasn’t sure how this could happen without her having read the book. However, providing a small amount of information yielded an insightful rendition of the scene being used for the trailer. When those legs entered the scene, I knew she was gifted with keen insight into the mind and intent of the author. Thank you Mrs. Hill!”

Chris Scott, Director of SoReal Productions

Chris Scott“The process in getting a scene written by Jeanette Hill was phenomenal.  She knew exactly what my needs were, due to her intent listening skills and the ability to understand the vision.  Jeanette Hill asked all the right questions to develop and create the story.  I was amazed by her ability to deliver just what I needed and in a timely manner.  I can’t wait for the opportunity to have Mrs. Hill be a part of my next writing project.”